The PR-205MV is the new compact, lightweight, microprocessor-controlled welding inverter suitable for MIG/MAG, MMA + TIG welding processes. The PR-205MV is unmatched in welding and gives the operator complete control in manual mode or does the adjustments for you in synergic mode. The “synergy” helps the user adjust to the correct welding parameters. Simply select the desired combination between wire diameter, gas type and thickness to be welded; and the wire speed will be adjusted automatically by the machine.

  • Easy “Set and Weld” Mode
  • Inverter Technology
  • Automatic Line Voltage Compensation
  • Light and Versatile
  • Patented Torch Storage and Cable Wrapper
  • Excellent Results Even For Novice Users
  • Power Generator Friendly
  • Flex-line Technology
  • Synergic + Manual Mode
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