Advanced Measurement Systems

Advanced Measurement Systems has offices in Tennessee in conjunction with Research & Development, and Manufacturing facilities located in Washington State. In 2010, AMS acquired all global rights and exclusive patents for the Eclipse System. AMS products are made exclusively within the United States.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Industry’s first cordless, single line laser, Bluetooth compatible, with extended 40-foot measurement range,  Spectre™ features AccuMeasure, for verified measurement accuracy. This cordless scanner measures anywhere, anytime! Spectre™ is a simple, accurate, reliable measurement system, that streamlines the repair process while providing clear, indisputable documentation in a comprehensive, full color report.
  Proudly based in Minnesota
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Straight and Square Distributing LLC is a full line supplier to the collision repair industry serving Minnesota (MN) , North Dakota (ND), and Northwestern Wisconsin (WI).