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Screw Compressors

SX, SM, and SK Series

Capabilities from: 8.8 to 89 cfm

Pressures from: 80 to 217 psig

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SX, SM, and SK Series

Built for a lifetime.

Kaeser Compressors’ SX, SM, and SK series of rotary screw compressors are the perfect solution for smaller compressed air systems.  Not only do these compressors deliver more compressed air for sustainable energy savings, they also combine ease of use with exceptional reliability and simple maintenance.

Innovation you can trust

With a cutting edge research and development team committed to building industry-leading products, Kaeser continues to deliver better solutions to meet our customers’ compressed air needs. Kaeser’s expertise and world-wide reputation for supe- rior reliability and efficiency offer great performance and peace of mind.

Rugged reliability

Kaeser’s screw compressors meet our rigorous “built for a life- time” standard. Designed and built with Kaeser’s generations of compressed air experience, you can rest assured that these compressors will continue to deliver the air you need with the exceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor.


From the ground up, these compressors have been designed with the user in mind. Fewer wearing parts and using premium quality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirements, longer service intervals, and extended service life. A smarter component layout with easy, single panel access simplify service and lower your operating costs.

Guaranteed efficiency

In our systems design approach, Kaeser chooses the components that work together in the most energy efficient
way possible. Each and every component — from inlet filter to discharge pipe connection — has been carefully selected with performance in mind. In fact, the SX, SM, and SK series are
up to 30% more efficient than the competition. With Kaeser’s superior system controls, we guarantee an efficient compressor with lower operating costs.

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Service-friendly Design

The SX, SM, and SK series rotary screw compressors feature an open package layout. All of the major components are eas- ily accessible reducing preventive maintenance time by as much as 50% when compared to other similarly sized units.

When you consider the energy efficiency savings and the maintenance costs savings, it’s clear that owning a Built for a lifetimeTM Kaeser compressor will save you money, year after year.

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Designed for Reliability, Simplicity, and Performance

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Sigma ProfileTM Airend

Our power-saving, proprietary airend design delivers pressures up to 217 psig. It is precision-machined to close toler- ances and optimized in size and profile to match the low airend speeds with their best specific performance.

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TEFC Motor with Reduced Voltage Starter

Premium-efficiency, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motors with Class F insulation provide long life in harsh environments. Magnetic Wye-Delta reduced voltage starters ensure low starting current and smooth accelera- tion. Tri-voltage 208-230/460 or 575 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz is standard. Other voltages are available.

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Sigma ControlTM Basic

A simple and reliable interface offers convenient pressure control and sys- tem monitoring with status display and maintenance reminders. Displays include discharge pressure and temperature, load and service hours, as well as fault indicators. Sigma Control 2 is optional (see facing page).

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Belt Drive with Automatic Tensioning

A ribbed single belt drive efficiently trans- fers power from motor to airend. The SM
and SK series feature our unique automatic tensioning device that maintains proper ten- sion to maximize ener- gy efficiency, prolong belt life, and simplify routine maintenance. The belt tension can easily be verified through a window in the service panel.

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High-Efficiency Coolers with Filter Mat

located on the
outside of the
unit, our stan-
dard high-effi-
ciency coolers
provide maxi-
mum cooling
resulting in
as low as 11°F for more moisture sepa- ration at the compressor discharge and better air quality. A filter mat simplifies cooler maintenance. Dirt and dust build up on the outside of the filter, where it is easily seen and removed. This extends cooler service intervals and increases thermal reserve for harsher conditions.

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Efficient Separator System

A three-stage
separator (ASME
or CRN) combines
centrifugal action
and a 2-stage
coalescing filter to
reduce fluid carry
over to 2 ppm or
less. Quick release
fittings, drain and fill
ports are arranged
for fast and easy
fluid changes from
sump and cooler
without any pump-
ing device. The
easy-to-read fluid
level indicator can be safely checked through a window in the service panel while the compressor is running.

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Double-flow Cooling Fan

Our patent-pending double-flow fan design increases air flow through the unit while reducing overall power require- ments and sound levels.


Our superior cabinet design reduces noise and footprint while offering easy access for service. A heavy-duty metal enclosure with a durable powder-coated finish keeps noise in but dirt and dust out. Thick sound insulation keeps sound levels as low as 61 dB(A), up to 10 dB(A) quieter than comparable units.

Lockable panels provide easy access to all maintenance items. Electrical components are housed in
a spacious, ventilated control cabinet. Wiring is neatly arranged and terminals are clearly identified.

Internal and external vibration isola- tors eliminate stress on piping and wire connections, further increasing reliability.

Fluid Cooling System

All units are filled with Kaeser Premium Fluid to cool, clean, and lubricate the airend. A thermostatically controlled combination valve ensures perfect fluid temperature regulation and incorpo- rates a cooler by-pass and spin-on fluid filter. Main air and fluid lines are made of rigid pipe with flexible connections.

A 10 micron spin-on fluid filter is within easy reach of the front cover. This filter extends fluid life and protects the airend.

Optimized Air Flow Design

Air is drawn into separate cooling zones for the drive motor and coolers. This “split cooling” design eliminates pre- heating, increasing cooling efficiency without increasing power consump- tion. Cooler temperatures also promote longer lubricant and motor life. Cooling air is exhausted through a single port

at the top of the cabinet. Ducting this air enables heat recovery and further reduces noise.

Air for compression enters through a separate grill on the right side of the cabinet. It is then filtered through a two- stage air intake filter. This filter protects the airend and extends fluid change intervals.

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Intelligent Control and Protection

To protect your investment and ensure the most efficient operation possible, these compressors are available with our Sigma Control 2TM as an option. This intelligent control- ler comes standard with multiple pre- programmed control profiles so you can select the one that best fits your application. Sigma Control 2 moni- tors more than 20 critical operating parameters, shuts the unit down

to prevent damage, and signals if immediate service is required. It
also tracks preventive maintenance intervals and provides notice when PMs are due. An RFID sensor pro- vides secure access and simplifies managing maintenance intervals. An SD card slot with included SD card enables fast, easy software updates, storing key operational parameters, and offers long-term data storage for analyzing energy consumption and compressor operation.

Sigma Control 2 has superior communications capabilities. An Ethernet port and built-in web-server enable remote viewing. ModBus, Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet, and other industrial communications interfaces are also available as plug in options for seamless integration into plant control/monitoring sys- tems.

Integrated Dryer Option

Premium compressed air quality

The integrated dryer is perfectly sized for the full flow of the compressor.  The dryer is located in a separate cabinet so it is not exposed to preheated air or contaminants from the compressor package.

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The integrated refrigerated dryer also features a zero loss Eco-Drain. The advanced level-controlled condensate drain eliminates the compressed air losses associated with solenoid valve control. This saves energy and consider- ably enhances the reliability of the com- pressed air supply.

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Energy-saving control

The integrated refrigerated dryer in Kaeser units provides high efficiency performance thanks to its energy- saving control. The dryer is active only when compressed air actually needs to be dried. This approach achieves the required compressed air quality with maximum efficiency.

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Stainless steel plate heat exchanger

The dryer’s stainless steel plate heat exchanger is corrosion and contamination-resistant. The stainless moisture separator reliably removes the accumulating condensate from the air, even with fluctuating airflow.

Complete Compressed Air Systems

Life Just Got Easier

Whether you prefer separate components or fully integrated packages, Kaeser offers everything for a complete, high-quality air system.

The AirCenter

To simplify your compressed air system, Kaeser offers the AirCenter. This unit combines essential system components
in one easy-to-install package. AirCenters come completely assembled and include a refrigerated dryer with automatic con- densate drain, receiver tank, and an optional filtration package. These super quiet and energy efficient units are compact and perfect for installations where space is limited.

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Technical Specifications

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Compressed Air Distribution System


From 1/2″ to 6″

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Compressed Air Piping

Kaeser’s SmartPipe is a modular compressed air distribution system that offers both lower installation costs and lower long term operating costs.

Piping selection directly affects the three key elements of every compressed air system: flow, pressure, and air quality. Poor choices in pipe materials, diameter, and layout cause flow restric- tions, often resulting in significant pressure drop. Pressure drop is the main cause of increased energy consumption and underperforming air driven tools and equipment.

Choices in piping also directly impact installation costs. Heavier materials cause fatigue and slow work, especially in overhead installations. The types of fittings used must also be considered. Some connection types cause pressure drop, need special tools, and take more time to install.

SmartPipe offers an excellent choice for compressed air and inert gas distribution for pressures up to 188 psig (13 bar) (consult factory for higher pressures) in temperatures from -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to 60°C). SmartPipe is also ideal for vacuum up to 98.7% (29.6” Hg).

Pipe Material Selection

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What's so smart about SmartPipe?

Ease of Installation

Fast to install and easy to modify, Kaeser SmartPipe is the most versatile compressed air distribution system available. Our combination of lightweight materials and connec- tors dramatically reduce labor and installation time, especially in overhead installations.

Other features include:

• Installs faster than other common piping • No specialized trades needed
• No threading, welding, or brazing pipe
• No special tools needed

• Simple mounting and connecting hardware
• Can connect to existing systems with other pipe types
• Easy to add on to or disassemble for your changing needs

Optimum flow and air quality

SmartPipe’s smooth calibrated aluminum construction has a low coefficient of friction, providing the best possible laminar flow. Full bore fittings further minimize pressure drop for optimum flow and energy efficiency. Leak free connectors prevent air loss and wasted energy.

SmartPipe is ideal for installations requiring the highest quality air. Aluminum material will not rust or corrode. Further, it has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that accumulate contaminants. The smooth interior with full bore design allows them to flow to your dryers and filters for efficient removal.

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Integral condensate retention design for superior flow without pressure drops.

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Cutaway of 5-year-old SmartPipe.  Inside remains smooth and clean with no contaminant build up or pressure loss.

Wide scope of supply

SmartPipe is available in seven sizes from 168 mm down to 16.5 mm and is perfect for use as headers, branch lines, and drops to point of use.

  • 168 mm OD (6” ID)
  • 100 mm OD (4” ID)
  • 76 mm OD (3” ID)
  • 63 mm OD (2-1/2” ID)
  • 40 mm OD (1-1/2” ID)
  • 25 mm OD (7/8” ID)
  • 16.5 mm OD (1/2” ID)

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Rigid aluminum calibrated pipe ensures clean air and optimum flow rate performance.

The SmartPipe line includes all the

accessories you need for a top quality installation:

  • straight unions
  • elbows and tees
  • cross connectors
  • reducing fittings
  • gooseneck drops
  • ball valves
  • quick assembly brackets and hangers
  • snap-shut pipe clips
  • expansion and flex hoses
  • variety of ISO 4414/EN983 compliant safety couplers
Compressed Air System Design

Kaeser’s team of engineers are always at your service to help design or opti- mize your compressed air system.

Using our Air Demand Analysis (ADA) and Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) we can evaluate your existing installation and demonstrate how proposed changes will improve your system performance.

Kaeser can also produce 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the proposed system. This is a huge benefit in project planning. It helps visualize new equip- ment and how it will fit into the building along with existing equipment, piping, walls, vents, etc. This facilitates installa- tion planning.

From complex installations, to challenging environments, to limited space, Kaeser can design a system to meet your specific requirements for performance and reliability.

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SmartPipe components are non-flam- mable and 100% recyclable. Piping is constructed of 6063-T5 calibrated alloy aluminum and is blue powder-coated outside. Pipe, fittings, and valves are guaranteed silicone free.

Connectors feature durable Nitrile gasket seals. 16.5 mm, 25 mm, and 40 mm fittings are made of non-flamma- ble polyamide (nylon) (UL94-HB standard) and are resistant to UV rays and most compressor fluids. 63 mm fittings are coated aluminum. 76 mm and 100 mm fittings are manufactured from 304S stainless steel while 168 mm fittings are anodized aluminum.

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