About S & S

Straight & Square Distributing is owned and operated by Mike Hiemenz. Mike first entered the auto repair industry in the 1970s after serving in the US Navy. Mike was associated with Chief Automotive Technologies serving Minnesota, North Dakota and NW Wisconsin from 1989 to 2010, and is a member of the Minnesota AASP.

In 2006 Mike started Straight & Square Distributing. Straight & Square now offers Pro Spot Welders and Equipment, Signature and American Freedom Frame Racks, Eclipse Measuring System, Mo-Clamp and Steck Tools. Straight & Square Distributing has it’s own 1,800 sq foot warehouse to make sure they have what you need on hand.

In 2018, Straight & Square moved into a 6,000 square foot office and training center where we offer training on how to set up and use our equipment.

At Straight and Square Distributing our goal is to help you reach yours.

As of 5/30/2024 after 45 plus years in the industry Mike will be retiring and handing the keys over to his wife Kimberly Hiemenz and stepson Randy Peterson.  Mike will be in and out of the office to assist them and will not be in the field any longer.

Straight & Square will continue to offer the finest equipment in the industry and above all will continue to service and train on our products with the awesome customer service of the past.


  Proudly based in Minnesota
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Straight and Square Distributing LLC is a full line supplier to the collision repair industry serving Minnesota (MN) , North Dakota (ND), and Northwestern Wisconsin (WI).