Pro Spot

Pro Spot

ProSpot Welding Systems Logo based in Carlsbad, California, manufactures resistance spot welding equipment specializing in applications for the collision repair industry. Pro Spot began making welders and related equipment in 1986. Pro Spot is fully dedicated to it’s customer’s. We know that the excellent customer relationships that we and our carefully selected distributors have developed over the years is the reason for our success.  We offer Pro Spot equipment and welders for sale throughout the upper midwest, including Minnesota, North Dakota, and Northwestern Wisconsin.

Pro Spot i4s

Pro Spot i4s Smart Welder

Prospot I5
Pro Spot i5 Welder
Prospot I4
Pro Spot i4 Welder
Pro Spot i5s Smart Welder with Trans gun
Pro Spot i5s Smart Welder with Trans gun
Prospot aluminum welding station
Pro Spot Aluminum Weld Station
Prospot aluminum welding station
Pro Spot Dent Repair Welding Station
Pro Spot Dust-Less Sanding

Sanding System

Prospot SP-5 Smart Mig
Pro Spot SP-5DP Smart Mig
Prospot SP-3 Smart Mig
Pro Spot SP-2 Smart Mig
Prospot SP-1 Pulse Mig
Pro Spot SP-1 Pulse Mig
PR-205MV Small Pro Spot PR-205MV Synergic Mig Welder  

Prospot PHS-100
Pro Spot PHS-101 

Prospot NP-3 Nitrogen Plastic Welder
Pro Spot NP-3 Nitrogen Plastic Welder
Prospot Plasma Cutter
Pro Spot Plasma Cutter
Prospot PHC 1050
Pro Spot PR-2 Multi Task Welder
Prospot HSW-200
Pro Spot HSW-200 Hot Staple Welder
Prospot AL-5
Pro Spot AL-5 Aluminum Dent Pulling System
Prospot PHC 1050
Pro Spot Fume Extractor
Prospot HSW-200
Pro Spot IH-5200 Induction Heater

Pro Spot PR-5D Riveter

Prospot Tip Sharpener
Pro Spot Tip Sharpener
Prospot Pro Pull
Pro Spot Pro Pull

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