ProSpot Fume Extractor

The Pro Spot line of Fume Extractors is designed to remove harmful welding fumes in a variety of applications. Fumes are captured using a 6′ Flame Retardant Flexible Hose. The Pro Spot Fume Extractors are extremely portable, quiet, efficient and are available in either 110 or 220VAC.

  • 6′ Extractor Hose:
    The Pro Spot Fume Extractor come equiped with a 6′ Flame Retardant Flexible Hose.
  • Easy to Replace Air Filters:
    Fume Extractor has 2 filters: Carbon Pre Filter and a HEPA Filter.
  • Easily Portable:
    The Pro Spot Fume Extractor is easy to move around in your shop.
  • Built in Fume Extractor:
    (Optional) Get your Fume Extractor built-in to Pro Spot Aluminum Weld Station.
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